Lasting Looks and Body Works - Permanent Cosmetics (CPCT) & Electrolysis (CPE)
  Wellness/Information/Etiquette & Policies
                               *** New information***

   Forever Living has products for Health, Beauty, Nutritional, Weight-
    Management, Drinks (for energy, tea, and health drinks), Personal Care, and     
    Essential Oils. They have Honey in liquid form and in Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly             Bee Propolis tables. Vitamins, Minerals and other great things for the body.
    The Beauty and Personal Care products range from makeup, shampoos,
    conditioners, bath gels, shaving creams and more.
    I use some of the skin care products and I like them very much, I bought
    my daughter one of the skin care sets and got her started on it also.
    What I really like about Forever Living is it doesn't cost an arm and leg
   to join the company if you're interested. I have been with this company since           2006 and I wish I had started it a lot sooner. The products are so good. 
     If anyone is interested in it go to and check them out.
     Or you can email me and I can help you.  

  I have started using YOUNG LIVING essentials oils, so for any
Young Living essentials just email me and I will get back to you. I don't at this time have a specific website for the Young Living essentials, but if you go to the main website and add my #3319836 you will be able to order from me. Thanks
 I am not doing Damsel In Defense any longer, but if you're still needing products or want info about it please call Amy Mattingly at 903-567-5961.
She's happy to help in any way she can, Amy is also the owner of 
Oasis Massage & Day Spa.

If you have any questions about the new information just send me an email and I will get right back with you. Thanks

                   The info on new services I have added will be up asap.
                                 Color Light Therapy & Ultrasound Therapy
                 I have brought back Ear Candling and Ionic Foot Detoxing 
                                by request...(have had several clients asking for this)
                                           YES both emails are private
                                             (you can also email):
 (The health of my clients is very important to me, that is why
you will find all natural products you can trust on this website
from time to time. I will list the names and info on these products
and then you will be able to check each one out for your self).                                                                                                                                                                   
                         ** Etiquette and Policies **
 *PLEASE DO NOT BRING CHILDREN…I/we are not babysitters
I do not have the time during your treatment, for you to take your baby/
child! Your treatment time is scheduled for you as your time is valuable and so is mine! You would not appreciate it if I were to treat another client during your time.
Other clients feel the same way about their treatment time.

 *With the equipment I have and use, I do not need nor want a child getting hurt and/or my equipment messed up. IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE. 

 *Please also note that your treatment time has a specific time and late arrivals will deprive you of your service. If you're going to be delayed please call so we can work your time and not leave someone else waiting.

If you realize that you will not be able to make your appt.
 *PLEASE be courteous and CALL ASAP so we can reschedule your appt. and again
someone else isn't having to wait. Thank you

                                           ~~~Privacy Policy Statement~~~
I appreciate and value each of my clients and their privacy. For each visitor to my Web site,
recognizes no information regarding the domain or e-mail address.
consumers who browse my Web page. With respect to cookies: There
. We do not send to your email address.
Any information that is provided to us here is only used to conduct business and for contacting our clients
about their appointments. The information that is on file here is given strictly by my clients for my clients.
                  I also have a blog with some helpful hints and good info
                  on different health, wellness other things.

  The name change from Lasting Looks by to 
  Lasting Looks and Body Works
  It actually makes more sense with the I do 
  now than when I first started out.
  Ergo the new name which says more.
  I will also be keeping Lasting Looks by because
  I do have my skin care products under that name,
  a few little
  I believe the best!   

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