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Derma (Skin) Needling                  (Wrinkle/Line Reduction)

**Skin Needling (also called Derma Needling) is a procedure that involves puncturing the skin several times with a small needle to induce the collagen growth and improve the skin texture, wrinkles and lines, scars and stretch marks.
  The production of new collagen continues for up to 12 months after the procedure. Local anesthetic creams applied to the treated area for 30 to 45 mins. There is another local anesthetic gel that is used to help keep the area moist and also deaden during treatment. Some

times there is mild discomfort associated with the procedure, but
most individuals do not have much
of a problem with it.
After the procedure it is possible to add
retinals or vitamin C to the skin to
further enhance the collagen production of the needling.
**The face, neck, hands, arms,chest and back can be treated. Most of the time it is the face that is or the cheek area for most people, but it also depends on if it's a scar or stretch marks on the body. So skin needling may be done anywhere on the body.
 * The side effects are generally experiencing some redness of the area done forup to a week after the procedure and you may want to take a few days off work at this time. There may also be swelling that can persist for a few days, especially if your prone to swelling easily. For about 24 hrs. afterwards there may be some oozing of the skin at the area of needling. The skin needling is one procedure that it will not hurt your body to have done as using laser can do, the skin needling works on all skin types from light to dark there is no chance of pigmentation problems.
 *The number of treatments will depend on the response but generally you may need from 1 to 5 treatments. For most people require around 3 treatments.
Skin Needling has several other names such as: Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation, Percutaneous Collagen Induction, Collagen Induction Therapy, Skin Needling, Dry Needling, Needle Dermabrasion
                 Skin Needling has been done in Europe for over 20yrs.                
                   Price Varies ~~ Free Consultation
        People who are not acceptable candidates for this procedure are:
Anyone that is under medical care that may be on a high blood pressure medication, heart medication, is diabetic, not in general good health, is a poor healer, has an active herpetic breakout, or has just had an invasive laser treatment
Anyone that has any type of facial skin disease or disorder that would be a contraindication
Anyone who is taking homeopathic, vitamins or herbs that thin the blood
Anyone with scars that are less than 6 months old
Anyone that has had facial fillers, or Botox, in the past 4 months in their lips or face
Anyone who has had facial surgery in the past 6 months
Anyone who has had ‘PERMANENT’ fillers, such as Dermagen or Shark Cartilage injected in the past 6 months would not be a candidate for Skin Needling
Anyone that has been using corto-steroids on the treatment area,
as this thins the skin’s tissue
Pre-Treatment Management
The skin should be assessed prior to the client’s first treatment. The use of skin treatments and/or products both pre- and post-treatment will enhance the client’s results dramatically.
Sun worshipers and men that have not been on a regular skin care regime would receive greater benefits if they have any of the treatments listed below prior to their Skin Needling procedure.
Several options are available to the clients Pre-Treatment are:
Microdermabrasion Peels – AHA’s, Glycolic, Salicylic, Malic, Enzyme Peels or Jesners Laser Retin A, Retinol, Renova
Anyone that is prone to herpetic outbreaksneeds to be on an antiviral
medication prior to their Skin Needling procedure. This applies to each additional procedure as well.
For clients that bruise easily, it is advised to consider taking Arnica Montana, Bromaline, or any other anti-inflammatory and anti-bruising product 1-2 days prior to each Skin Needling session and 2-3 days post procedure.
Post Treatment Management
Mineral makeup can be used after the skin has healed. If you use makeup on broken skin, the risk of bacteria entering the procedure area, as well as the makeup filtering its way into the open tissue, can be detrimental by causing darker pigmentation.
After the skin has healed, the use of AHA’s will help to keep the top layer of skin softened and sloughed off resulting in younger looking skin.
For the first few days our clients use a very light coat of Petroleum directly on the treatment area. This will not only keep the area from scabbing but will keep the skin soft and supple.
Using topical Vitamin C, A or E and Collagen producing products are also fantastic for the skin.
Post Procedure Appearance includes:
Day 1 and 2 – Depending on how deeply the technician inserts the needle into the epidermis, the tissue may be slightly to moderately swollen, tender, red and bruised, with a slight lymph discharge from the treated areas.
Minor itching may occur and the ‘needled’ tissue may exhibit the appearance of ‘cat scratches’.
Day 3 -The treated areas slightly crust and remain faintly pink to red.
Day 4 -The redness and crusting have diminished.
Day 5 -There is barely any evidence of a procedure.
Follow up Treatments
Procedure applications are usually repeated at a 6-8 week intervals
depending on the condition of the tissue and desired results.
~Can go in sessions from 1st month, to 3rd month and then to 9th month...depending on skin tissue.~

Technician fees range from $200.00 to $395.00 per 30 minute sessions.
Comparison of Wrinkle Treatments
Procedure Treatments Needed Fees Per Treatment Total
Skin Needling 1-every 6-8 weeks $250.00 per average session
4 treatments $1,000.00
Acupuncture 10-20 weekly sessions $140.00- $200.00 per session
followed by monthly maintenance sessions First year $2,800.00+
$4,400 for 2 years
Heavy Skin Peels 4-6 peels $300.00+ per average session 5 treatments
$1,500.00 Microdermabrasion Monthly treatments – 12 treatments
$150.00+ per average session 12 treatments $1,800.00
Laser 8-10 sessions $800.00+ per average session 9 treatments
Contraindications for Skin Needling
Anyone who is darker skinned and hyper-pigments will need to use a
lightening skin treatment for 2 weeks prior to their treatment appointments
If you have the propensity to keloid you would not be a candidate for
Skin Needling
Who Will Benefit from Skin Needling?
In view of the fact that Skin Needling is a nominally invasive procedure,
anyone with fine, medium or heavy wrinkling will experience positive results:
People with acne scars, chicken pox scars, and scars from surgery
People who have picked at pimples and scabs creating scars and pits
People with naso-labial wrinkles as well as smokers and laugh lines
People with chest, neck, knee, arm and hand wrinkles
This first picture is of a large stretch mark on the right side
of the tummy area and before I did the skin needling.
(this picture is taken looking straight at the stretch mark)
This is the picture of the same stretch mark I did the
skin needling on 20 to 30 mins afterwards and you can
see what a difference already. The date on the pictures show the
same on both. This young lady needs to come back for atleast one more treatment.
(this picture is taken looking at an angle of the stretch mark)
This is at another angle after second procedure. I circled the area
so you could see it.
I am working on stretch marks in these two pictures.

The stretch marks are on the stomach area and
the waist line.
                                   More pictures to come 
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